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Titanium 6-in-1 Domeless Nail and Dabber set

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SKU 7691
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Are you looking for a domeless nail and dabber to take your dabbing to a whole different level? Then consider the 6 in 1 Titanium Domeless Nail set as the solution to all of your problems. This nail includes a dynamic 6 in 1 functionality which has helped it cement its position in the market today. It actually has the capacity of fitting 9 mm, 14 mm and 18 mm sized glass joints for any type of dab rigs as it is compatible with both male and female dab rings. This nail has been brilliantly engineered to perfection, domeless nail, and cost effective price!

Salient features

  • Grade 2 titanium nail
  • Compatible with male and female rigs
  • Fits 9mm,14 mm and 18 mm, male and female joints
  • Heat sink ridges
  • 4 1/4" dabber
  • Round tip on one end and a rounded scoop on the other
  • No vapor dome require