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Hybrid Supreme Filters | Display Box Kombipack (12 units)

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Following the success of the Hybrid Supreme Filter the path was clear: match these filters with the perfect rolling paper all in one convenient package.

This unique combination of 33 Hybrid Supreme filters and a 4 meter "endless" rolling paper packed into a sturdy cardboard box is perfect for the active Toker.

The combination pack fits everywhere, be it in your pocket or handbag and you will never have to do without the tiresome search for filters and/or papers again.

In the pack you will find 33 Hybrid Supreme filters - tried and tested to not leak or clog, taking out the bad stuff and retaining all the goodness, flavour and 420 effect of your favourite herb. These four stage filters use a patented combination of activated coconut charcoal and hemp cellulose, giving a clean draw in any ambient temperature and zero carbon dust.

And tucked into the bottom of the box, the Ultra Slim Endless Paper, 4 meters or ultra-slim, long, wood pulp and self cutting to perfection every time. Countless trials revealed this is the perfect length, precisely tailored to the number of filters, so that even those who build a little longer or make a few mistakes don't run out.


  • 33x hybrid activated carbon filter 6.3mm.
  • 4m Ultra Thin Endless Roll.
  • Display Store Box (12 units)