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Canadian Lumber | Premium Dab Mat

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The all-new premium Canadian Lumber Dab Mat is here. Our first-ever dab mat/pad is bold red with our famous Canadian Lumber axes and a touch of plaid, sure to stand out and make your glass really pop. This new mat is perfect for putting your dab rigs and other glass on, whether you are using it to safely store glass on, prepare your concentrates, or for display, this mat has you covered.

Canadian Lumber's premium dab mat is made with 100% non stick, non-slip, food-grade silicone. It's 8" x 8" (20.5 x 20.5 cm) with a thickness of 2.5mm. It's large enough to hold all your tools: your dab rig, dab tools, containers and concentrates. So, you can now keep your tabletop clean of all that sticky and oily mess, protect your glass, and prepare your concentrates on a clean non-stick surface.

Dabs can be a real MESS so we wanted to make sure our Dab Mats will withstand the chaos and clean up quickly. Nonetheless, you can easily clean up a sticky, oily, mess or spill with isopropyl alcohol OR keep it clean of unnatural chemicals by using warm soapy water or throwing it in the dishwasher! Generally, we suggest the second option to keep your mat looking bright and vibrant! If using Isopropyl alcohol we recommend using 70% or lower concentrations to help avoid weathering.

The Canadian Lumber non-stick, non-slip Dab Mat will prevent your glass from sliding around, tipping, or breaking. It will protect both your glass, tabletop, and concentrates. Plus it's a surface that can be versatile to your needs. This dab mat is also great for mobile usage, rolling with concentrates, setting glass pieces on (ex. glass tips), preparing sticky edibles, and more!

Add the Canadian Lumber Dab Mat to your smoking accessories collection now!