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Canadian Lumber | Retailer 3 Pack-1-1.4" with tips

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Canadian Lumber develops products for the mindful smoker, An individual that thinks about thier consumption and looks to get the most out of their smoking experience. Our Papers are 100% all natural, unbleached, untreated and unrefined. We test our papers for impurities and allergens to ensure the qualityof all our paper products.

  • 3 Pack of Display Box 1-1/4" 
  • 22 booklets per box
    • 1 x display box of Greens 1-1/4" RT with Tips,
    • 1 x display box of Woods 1-1/4" RT with Tips,
    • 1 x display box of Hippy 1-1/4" RT with Tips 
    • A bilfod with samplers

The Greens are all natural unrefined hemp. The unrefined hemp fibres remain intact, and are extremely clear in this paper. The hemp plant naturally absorbs moisture. As a result, The Greens are our slowest burning paper. The unrefined fibres help to even out the burn and keep the paper rigid.

The Woods are unrefined, all-natural wood pulp. For the smoker who enjoys a thin, yet durable paper. Our process allows for the natural brown colour of the raw wood to come through in the papers without adding dyes or chemicals. The intact fibres make this paper durable and allow for it to keep its natural brown colour.

The Hippy is a combination of all natural flax and hemp. This blend of pulp yields a similar composition to a rice paper. Soft to the touch, while avoiding the bleach and refinement that often comes with white rice. The Hippy has a slight texture that increases the ease of rolling