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E-Liquid Pods

Wide selection of Vape mods, e-juice, vape kits, vape pod systems, and more e-cigarette related products.

Benefits of E-Liquid Pods
  • COMPACT: Pod systems are much more compact than most modern vaping devices, which make them a great choice for people who prefer not to carry around something cumbersome.
  • EASY TO USE: The "pod" design makes pod system e-cigarettes really easy to use. The pods simply pop in and out of the battery section and many of them work just like a cigarette - all you need to do is inhale to vape. The most complicated thing you'll have to do on some devices is refill the pod, but this is really easy too.
  • AFFORDABLE: The cost of pod system e-cigarettes does vary, but on the whole they're pretty affordable. They're cheaper than most of the mods on the market.
  • SATISFYING: Despite their size being more in line with cig-a-likes, pod systems are generally much more satisfying to vape. This is especially true if you're using high strength nicotine salt options. Pod systems are known to be the closest thing to smoking a real cigarette. therefore initially, it's easier to make the switch from cigarettes to vaping; as it provides a familiar sensation.
  • DISCREET: Clouds aren't for everybody and they aren't for every situation. Sometimes you want something more discreet to vape, and pod systems are perfect for those times. Even if you use mods at home, getting a pod system for vaping out of the house has definite benefits.

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