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19" genie shower head diffuser glass bong

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That isn't a snake coiled up inside the bong ' that is the beautiful green diffuser. It looks even better when you're using the bong. We are always fans of shower head diffusers for two reasons. The first is that they are really good at their job. You can instantly feel how much cooler the smoke is when you toke. The second is that they look fantastic ' like a fountain of smoke and water is running inside the bong. The piece is also stemless and has a Thick bowl for 18mm joint. It is also huge - 19" to be exact.
  • Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Height : 19"
  • Thickness : 7 mm
  • Tube : 2.5"(Mouthpiece) / 4"(Middle)
  • Base : 5.5"
  • Color : Clear body and Green diffuser
  • Thick bowl for 18 mm joint
  • Shower head diffuser
  • Stemless
  • 2 Pieces