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12" mini shower head diffused bubbler

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This bong stands 12 inch tall but is still called mini ' because the mini isn't being used for the bong itself, it is being used for the novel shower heads in them. You may have seen the normal shower heads in many bongs but you have never seen anything like this. Instead of 1 big shower head there are 9 different small shower heads. This bong looks fantastic when in use and is a guaranteed conversation piece because, well, would you be able to keep yourself from wanting a closer look if you saw someone using this? Exactly what we thought.

  • Height : 12"
  • Thickness : 5.5mm
  • Tube : 25mm (Top) / 65mm (Middle)
  • Base : 4.5"
  • Color : Clear body / Balck & White diffuser
  • Thick Bowl for 18 mm female joint
  • 9 Mini shower head diffuser
  • Stemless
  • 2 Pieces