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TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer with Qi Charging & USB-C - Premium, Consistent Temperature Control for Cartridges & Concentrates

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SKU TOQI-510LT-B-01 [Area Z4]
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Elevate your vaping experience with the TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer, the pinnacle of convenience and performance in cannabis consumption. As the first 510 thread-compatible battery offering both Qi wireless and USB-C charging, the TOQi 510 sets new standards for ease of use and reliability. 

Key Features

Unmatched Quality and Performance 
Smart Circuitry for Superior Experience: Our advanced circuitry delivers a consistent, smooth vaping experience that cheaper batteries can't provide. Enjoy the full flavor of your concentrates without the risk of overheating or burning. 
Precision Temperature Control: The TOQi 510's micro-adjustment capabilities ensure measured and consistent temperature settings, providing perfect pulls every time. 
Revolutionary Charging Technology 
Qi-Compatible Wireless Charging: Experience the future of charging with Qi wireless technology. This feature allows for an effortless recharging process, eliminating the need for cords and cables. 
USB-C Port for Universal Charging: With the built-in USB-C port, you can charge the TOQi 510 vaporizer quickly and efficiently, ensuring it's always ready when you are. Forget about proprietary charging plugs; TOQi offers universal convenience. 

Leading-Edge Battery Life 
Fast Adaptive Charging: Charge your device in half the time compared to competitors, thanks to the TOQi 510's rapid charging capability. 
Extended Battery Life: Boasting a battery size almost twice as large as others in its class, the TOQi 510 ensures prolonged use and reliability, making it your go-to vaporizer for all-day use. 



Battery: 200 mAh 

Charge Time: 85% in 25 minutes, 100% in 40 minutes 

Vape Hits per Charge: Approximately 150+ 

Charge Method: USB-C, Qi wireless 

Temperature Range: 158 – 200 C 

Blink Rate: 8 s 

Settings: 3 adjustable (low, medium, high) 

Dimensions: 10 cm x 3 cm x 4.5 cm 

Weight: 0.5 grams 

Exterior Materials: Stainless Steel, Polycarbonate (Stone-like finish)

Compatibility and Inclusions 
Wide Compatibility: Perfectly matches with TOQi Wireless Power Banks (5000 mAh and 10000 mAh) for charging on the go. 
Comprehensive Kit: Each vaporizer comes with a carrying case, USB-C charging cable, USB wall adapter, and a quick guide. The Lite version includes the vaporizer, USB-C cable, and a quick guide QR card. 
Safety and Usage 

Exclusive Design for Cannabis Products: Designed specifically for use with cannabis cartridges and concentrates. Not intended for tobacco, nicotine e-liquids, or synthetic substitutes. 

The TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer represents the apex of vaping technology, with its innovative wireless charging, exceptional battery life, and precision temperature control. Experience the ultimate in convenience, quality, and consistency with TOQi. 



1 x 510 Wireless Vaporizer 

1 x USB-C Charging Cable 

1 x Quick Guide QR Card

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In stock

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