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Sativa vs. Indica: What’s the Difference?

Sativa vs. Indica: What’s the Difference?

Smoking marijuana can be an extremely therapeutic experience, but knowing what type of cannabis, you’re going to need and for what particular purpose, is also very important. Although some experts call-out on the differences between sativa and indica as being irrelevant, this article will help you understand why they are mistaken.


The Distinguishing Characteristics


One of the most significant differences between sativa and indica is the way they appear. The leaves of the sativa plant are narrower and lengthy as compared to indica, whose leaves are comparatively broader and shorter in length. Just like the leaves, the sativa plant tends to grow taller as compared to the indica plant. The leaves in a sativa plant are a lighter shade of green as compared to the indica plant.


Associated Impacts-

If looks weren’t enough, another attribute that distinguishes the two is the effect their consumption has over the individual. Sativa is commonly known to rejuvenate the mind, activate senses and invoke creative and proactive thinking. Meanwhile indica has a completely different effect as it relaxes and calms users and also helps in relieving bodily pain. Individuals who consume indica report experiencing a “couch-lock” state, which means that they barely have energy to get themselves up and off the couch. Indica helps you sleep while sativa helps you get things done. 


The Roots-

Another trait that distinguishes sativa and indica is their place of origin. Sativa is found in areas where the climate is ordinarily hot and dry throughout the year like Mexico, Central America, Columbia and Southeast Asia. On the other hand, indica is naturally found in cold and dry areas of the world, mainly Northern Pakistan, Nepal, India and Afghanistan. 


CBD Vs. THC ratio-

The CBD-THC ratio of the sativa and indica are the opposites of one another.

Indica has been found to be more CBD intensive than THC meanwhile sativa is known to be more THC intensive than CBD.


Recommended times of intake-

Since sativa and indica have distinctive effects on an individual, the time of intake for the two is also different. Indica intake is recommended during nighttime as its effects are bodily and it helps an individual relax and also relieves bodily pain. Meanwhile, sativa intake is recommended during the daytime as it helps refresh the mind and increases proactivity. 


In order to get the best and preferred results out of your cannabis, it’s important to consider the differences and aspects stated above. You would not want to feel couch-locked at work or proactive during bedtime. These differences would also help you identify scams as mostly indica is sold as sativa to those who cannot differentiate between the two.

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