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seniors smoking cannabis

Reasons Why More Seniors Have Taken Up Cannabis Smoking Lately

Following the wide spread legalization of cannabis primarily for medicinal use as well as recreational use in some areas, numerous seniors have taken up smoking. According to a study conducted by the U.S. National Institute of Health, numerous Americans use cannabis for recreation as well as for healthcare purposes.

The question is; why have so many seniors suddenly taken up the habit?

Why More Seniors Have Taken Up the Habit

Given that seniors are smoking cannabis today, we researched some of the reasons why this may be so. Here is what we came up with.


In the past, marijuana was inaccessible legally in most parts of the world. Mainstream medicinal use was unheard of. Legalization has not just made the herb accessible to people. It has also helped in un-demonizing cannabis making more individuals open to trying it out. Further, it is much easier to get hold of than it ever was before.

Legal cannabis also gives people a sense of safety and approval hence the willingness to give it a go.

Pain and other Ailments

Cannabis has become a viable replacement for a number of pain medications. This in particular with regards to opioid based medication which is known for its unpleasant and sometimes dangerous side effects as well as its potential for addiction.

Marijuana or cannabis is a much safer alternative when it comes to pain medication and is extremely effective due to CBD and THC present in it. Further it can be taken without the fear of unpleasant side effects, overdoes or reaction with other drugs and medication.

Marijuana or cannabis is also prescribed to supplement other treatments. Cancer and arthritis patients are often prescribed cannabis as a form of supplemental symptom relief.

A Pleasant Alternative

Cannabis as many of us know has some very pleasant effects. These include relaxation of the mind and body, an increased appetite and mild elation among others. Many seniors including those who were initially prescribed marijuana as medication, having enjoyed these affects have taken to recreational use.

Among these there are those who have tried the herb in their younger days and are okay getting back to it. There are others who thoroughly enjoy the affects as it helps reduce boredom and keeps things interesting. This is particularly so for seniors in retirement.

Finally there are those who have taken up smoking as a healthier alternative to the previously more socially acceptable substance use – drinking. The fact that cannabis has far less unpleasant side effects in comparison to alcohol and can be taken along with medication are among two of the reasons why this is so.

The Bottom Line

Keeping all this in mind, it makes perfect sense that many seniors would drop their use of substances like opioid based pain medication and alcohol in favor of this benign herb. If you’re someone who counts as a senior and have just taken up smoking – join the club!

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