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Marijuana myth Busted

Marijuana Myths: 5 Ridiculous Myths about Marijuana Busted!

We know more about Marijuana today in the West scientifically speaking than we ever did before. Among the many things we know now; some include the fact that marijuana has medical benefits, it is safer than alcohol recreationally and that prohibition was a bad idea to begin with!

At the same time, there are still individuals and elements that have trouble accepting that this herb is actually quite wonderful. The result; myths and misconceptions!

Marijuana Myths and the Real Truth

Out of the many myths surrounding marijuana today, we have put together some of the most common ones and proceeded to replace them with whatever the truth may be in the matter!

Weed makes you Lose Sanity

One of the oldest myths associated with marijuana and sadly, one that many still believe is that smoking marijuana makes you lose your mind in a sense. People have blamed the herb for everything from dementia to all out psychosis insisting that smoking or consuming marijuana was the sole cause.  

The truth is, marijuana does not under any circumstances drive people insane. There have been a few cases where people with pre-existing psychosis have been triggered by marijuana use. This being said, in the absence of an already present condition or the use of other drugs (anti-psychotics especially), marijuana does not cause any kind of psychosis to manifest.

Weed Leads to Use of Other Drugs

This one is a Regan administration favorite. The ‘Devils Lettuce’ pushing people to take on other substances. Not true! More than marijuana it was prohibition and the difficulty in knowing what your source is giving you that may have resulted in the use of other substances.

If someone is smoking marijuana, chances are that they are probably quite content with the same. The use and graduation to other drugs is a thing of personal choice. Don’t blame the herb!

Marijuana Causes Cancer

Many insist that smoking marijuana causes lung cancer and triggers other cancers as well! Though long term heavy smoking can cause respiratory complications if not balanced, cancer is by no means one of them. Quite the opposite – studies conducted have proven without a doubt that marijuana and what it contains actually inhibit the growth of malignant tumors!

Marijuana Makes People Useless

Not really! People choose to be useless! Marijuana may mellow you out depending on the strain you have smoked. That being said the effect does not last all day. Though there are many smokers who choose a sedentary lifestyle for themselves, this is usually put in place even before they start smoking. There are just as many high functioning successful and energetic individuals who smoke on a daily basis.  If you’re organized, clear with your schedules and good with you priorities, there is no reason why smoking marijuana should get in the way of that.

It’s kind of like saying a beer post work during dinner makes you an alcoholic. Utter nonsense!

Marijuana Overdose Death is a Thing

Okay, to be fair, there may be times when you have consumed an edible or tried out a new concentrate that knocks you off your feet to the point that you may think you’re unwell. The truth is, when it comes to marijuana and feeling like an over dose, it’s mostly in your head!

Tough having more THC and CBD in you then you can handle could rattle you depending on who you are, rest assured, if its marijuana you’re taking in, you’re not going to die! Have some water, give it a few hours, maybe grab a bite and get some sleep and this myth will disprove itself automatically!

Winding Down

There are a lot of other silly myths circulating against marijuana which hopefully you can spot. Remember, anything done in excess isn’t great be it food, exercise or yes, marijuana! That being said, if you smoke smart, schedule and keep doing the day to day things you need to, you needn’t worry about a thing (and no we’re not subtly quoting Bob Marley here)!

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