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20" genie 3 chamber recycled water bong with barrel diffuser

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Why does this recycler water bong with barrel diffuser look like it belongs in a science lab? Because it does! That's what we think after using it. There is so much in here, doing so much complex work, all to ensure that you get a perfect smoking experience, that we can't call it anything except science. There is a three chamber recycler in this bong. Then there a barrel diffuser. There's also a three pinched ice catcher. All this with a beautiful teal accent that makes it look great too. This is one bong you'll want to keep smoking out of.
  • Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Height : 20"
  • Tube : 2" (Top) / 3.5"(Body)
  • Base : 5.5"
  • 3 Chamber recycler
  • 6 tree arms and percorator and barrel diffuser
  • 3 pinched ice catcher
  • Thick bowl for 18mm Joints
  • Stemless
  • Thickness : 7 mm
  • 2 Pieces