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A Stoner’s Guide to Sanitization

A Stoner’s Guide to Sanitization

Smoking cannabis and bongs can be a very restful and soothing experience after a long tiring day. As comforting as it is, it can also prove to be very risky.  As COVID-19 continues to spread despite the vaccinations, you should consider disinfecting items and sanitizing yourself in order to fight the virus. And of course, in these trying times, you can’t leave your smoke buddies behind. 

Importance of Sanitization

Sanitizing should generally be practiced, even if the world is going through a pandemic or not. It ensures your wellbeing and of other around you. Having things clean and sanitized reduces the chances of diseases being spread. Since most cannabis users and stoners generally share hits with their pals, it’d be a really beneficial practice to clean the instruments after use. Sanitizing all paraphernalia wouldn’t just save you from the COVID-19 virus, it will also protect you from contracting infections and diseases that are normally there.

Cleaning the Bong

Sanitizing the bong is fairly easy as you can use any disinfectant to do so. Pour a little bit of the disinfectant in the glass/bong, then add water and shake it rigorously so that the solution reaches every spot. Then drain the bong and rinse it thoroughly to avoid leaving behind any residue inside the bong. Make a habit of cleaning your accessories at least once every week. If you order products online, be sure to disinfect them as soon as they arrive. 

Sharing isn’t Caring 

Lastly, avoid sharing your bongs and other instruments with your friends. Encourage them to purchase their own accessories in order to avoid the spread of the coronavirus and other various diseases. With the current pandemic it has gotten even easier to purchase products online.

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