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We invest in the future of your business

Looking to get a credit card for your business? Don't worry. We've got you covered.

Whether you are an existing headshop owner who had been kicked off from major credit card company or a brand new store owner who are looking to get a new credit card for business.

About our credit card processing program

Cannabis industry is in its early stages. Needless to say that there has been controversy over the production and sale of medical marijuana and as a result, many businesses in the space have found it challenging to source a reliable and efficient payment processing provider.

Many national and international banks have refrained from offering payment solutions for the cannabis industry due to reputational concerns, while other institutions are simply not able to meet the regulatory demands of the industry.

That's why we decided to launch credit card processing service to help our customers to run their business with worry-free.

Secure & Reliable Payment Solutions for Cannabis Industry

Secure & Reliable Payment Solutions for Cannabis Industry

Specialize in payment and e-commerce solutions for cannabis industry. Delivering safe and efficient payment processing for Licensed Cannabis Producers and Cannabis related products.

Cannabis providers that work with Cannabis Payments can be assured of:

Cannabis providers that work with Cannabis Payments can be assured of:

• Advanced payment gateway solutions

• Preparedness for current and future KYC requirements

• Mobile friendly payments

• Payment processing through GooglePay, ApplePay, Direct Debit, Interact, VISA, MC, AMEX and customized gift cards

• Age verification service and geo-fencing to enforce compliance with provincial restrictions

• Geo-location to prevent sales to any non-compliant shipping address (eg. PO boxes)

• Fraud reduction services through IP monitoring and digital fingerprinting

• Protection against fraud and chargebacks.

Our Competitive Advantages

Our experience in working with heavily regulated industries has afforded us the experience, knowledge and reputation in offering best-in-class online payment solutions. As a result, we can ensure that Licensed cannabis providers will obtain efficient processing, superior service while meeting compliance obligations.

Payments for Accessories

We offer cannabis accessory retailers secure and reliable payment processing solutions. Cannabis accessories may include but are not limited to:

Bongs | Rigs | Hookahs

Rolling Papers

Hand Pipes

Herb Grinders



If you operate a shop or website that sells cannabis paraphernalia, you will require an efficient gateway or what we refer to as a "high risk" payment processing solution that is dependable, secure and tailored to your product offerings. Even moreso, the processing solution should be compatible with all major credit cards and accept consumer payments in a variety of ways.
Our advanced payment processing solutions are effective, easy to naviate for the end-user and also prevent fraudulent activity all while simultaneously helping you remain compliant with federal and provincial regulations.

How it works?

2. Submit

Once submitted, we will review your file and reach out to you whether it is approved or declined.

3. Good to Go

You are now ready to use your credit card for your business.

* Please allow 1-3 business days to review your request. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about Credit Card Processing

Yes, we provide merchanct services for head shops, CBD Stores, and hundreds of other brick and mortar locations.

No, unfortunately not. Because cannabis laws vary state by state, we can only process payments for federally legal products.

Once all required documentation is provided your account can be approved as fast as 48 hours.

All clients are billed on an "Interchange Plus" model. Rates for brand new merchants are determined on a case by case basis according to your business details and risk factors.

You will need to complete our Merchant Application, and submit all required docs. Depending on the type of business, your processing history, and overall risk factors, you may be asked to upload documents to our secure file portal - including but not limited to Owner Drivers License, Bank Statements, Processing Statements, Fulfillment Agreement, or other relevant docs requested from underwriting. All documents must be uploaded directly to the Secure Application Portal, accessed via the form above. For your security, no documents will be accepted via email.

We work with multiple banks - all of which have different criteria for their desired merchants. We assign your application a bank based on your specific business details and processing history.

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