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Toker Poker | Bic lighter edition Display of 25

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Sold by Smoking Cat Distribution Fulfilled By ONE
SKU SMKC-066 [Area R6]
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  • Experience the ultimate upgrade with the 2.0 model - now featuring improved metal components, a better fit for your lighter, and new eye-catching colors! Transform your ordinary Bic Lighter into a versatile multi-tool that is essential for camping, survival, and everyday use. Compact and convenient, this must-have accessory easily fits in pockets or purses and will become your go-to for all occasions.!

  • From unclogging hard-to-reach places during camping trips to poking a hole in your juice box, the Fold-in Stainless Steel POKER is your go-to tool for any adventure. With thousands of uses, it's perfect for resetting the router, deflating tires, and even roasting mini marshmallows. Whether you're at a music festival, watching a good movie, or just tackling everyday tasks, this handy device has got you covered. Don't leave for your next adventure without it!.

  • The Stainless-Steel TAMPER/HAMMER built into the product ensures a tightly-packed campfire and allows the ember to keep burning. This versatile tool takes on the tough tasks that your fingers shouldn't. It's the unsung hero of your smoking experience and you'll quickly see why..

  • Soulfully Designed and Built to Last, we take our products and their quality seriously. We continuously over-engineer our products and use only the highest quality materials. Our patented design keeps your Bic Lighter snug and fits in your hand like a dream!
  • Fits Bic Ligher
  • 25 pcs per box
in stock, ready to be shipped
in stock, ready to be shipped

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