Herb Grinders

You can choose any type of herb grinder you want for your smoking needs, but we caution you to carefully review our selection. We have a variety of herb grinders that are perfect for maintaining the quality of your products. There are various materials that you can choose from when getting a herb grinder. In general, you want to select one of our hand herb grinders for the best possible smoking experience. Automatic herb grinders are fast, but the heat produced by the blades can ruin the oils that keep your product fresh. This can result in a stale and less than optimal experience. Aluminum herb grinders are by far the most common type of herb grinder, and many of the herb grinders come with crystal-catching pollen screens. If you want something more rugged, have a look at some of our wooden herb grinders. A two-part herb grinder can be used effectively to get the job done. But, if you regularly use your herb grinder, you may want to consider a herb grinder with more parts. Many of the more advanced herb grinders come with pollen screens and other materials to ensure that you're getting the cleanest possible grind. We have herb grinders with windows in the lid, so you can see your product ground in action. There are also herb grinders that are designed with magnets installed to help keep the lid secure while grinding. This allows a freer motion when you're grinding and it can result in a more effective grind. When you're evaluating a potential grind, you can look for one that has diamond, shark or steel pin teeth. While the type of teeth you choose doesn't matter, it can make an impact on the way the herb grinder looks. We carry a range of herb grinders from the most affordable metal grinder options to more expensive Space Case herb grinders. These herb grinders are also excellent for mixing spices, though we recommend purchasing a separate grinder for that purpose.