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Types of electronics
  • Wall Chargers: Charging your phone at home is quick and easy with the right home/wall charger. Often consisting of a simple wall adaptor with one or more USB ports that work with a standard charging cord, these adaptors are safe, efficient, and they're frequently compatible with a wide variety of devices. Some models even offer fast charging via additional power output. Keep a backup charger on hand for unforeseen circumstances, and store another in your suitcase as a dedicated travel unit if you prepare in advance for all possible contingencies, you'll always be ready with a fully charged cell phone.
  • Car Chargers: Being able to charge your phone on the go is crucial in today’s ever moving world. With the ability to plug into your car’s built-in cigarette lighter port, car chargers are an absolute must for those of us with cars, and they’re among the most convenient gadgets we can possess. They easily go everywhere that we do, and they never need to be removed from our vehicles. Generally equipped with a USB intake port at one end, car chargers are capable of charging numerous different devices, from smart phones to cameras to ebooks. Some units even offer multiple input ports for charging several devices at once. They’re the epitome of convenience!
  • USB Cables: USB has become the standard by which today’s devices connect to (and communicate with) one another, as well as the number one way in which many devices plug in to their charging adaptor or other power source. Today, no matter what kind of connector is at the ‘other’ end of a typical device cord, one end is almost certainly equipped with a USB port. Whether you’re connecting an MP3 player to a laptop, a smart phone to a car charger, or any number of other devices (like digital cameras and tablets) to other devices (like tablets and digital cameras), there’s sure to be a USB connection involved somewhere!

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