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Bong's Accessories

Your ​bong​ is an investment, and you'll be able to keep it operating in peak condition by  choosing the right accessories. Replace the parts at regular intervals, and make sure to  practice good cleaning habits to keep your bong lasting for a long time. We have  Z-shape adapters to join female and male adapters, ash catchers to help keep your  home free of ash from the tobacco, and diffusers to get even more out of your smoking  experience. We also offer slides, bowls, nails and other items designed to help you  increase the pleasure and enjoyment you get from your smoking experience. The bowl  that you choose for your bong can have a dramatic effect on your overall enjoyment and  experience. Think of each bowl as fitting into one of three categories. We have small  bowls that are 10mm, medium bowls that are 14mm and large bowls that are 18mm.  The size of the bowl is important for determining how much you plan on smoking.  Having a variety of bowl sizes on hand is a good idea. This way you can enjoy a solo  session or share one with friends easily. If you need any help selecting the right size  nail, ash catcher or bowl for your bong, don't hesitate to shoot us a message so we can  get you sorted out. The most common type of fitting is the female style, but you'll want  to check before you purchase a bowl. Female ​bongs​ are fitted with male bowls, and  male bongs are fitted with female bowls. We even offer ejectable bowls for even more  convenience and value.

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